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Anti-Money Laundering

Policy about Anti-money laundering

The online brokers of KachingFund company, KachingFund directing due ingenuity on our customers and ensures that they are working according to the laws and regulations which are applicable worldwide. In KachingFund, the identity of the customers is judged by means of

  • Photo Id issued by the government
  • Residential and business address proof
  • Documentation Of corporate sector
  • Information about business registration
  • Other documents applicable in nature

When we are about to capture the Id of the customers, we will accept the photos along with address proof issued by the government. Company is able to capture he affiliate ID is 2 different locations. When the liquation request is made by one of the member and the prepaid Mail –out card is requested by them. ID of the clients is captured by suing an image tool which is having the main features of uploading the image within the back office of the clients. It needs to be saved with the records of the clients.


KachingFund stores scanned documents which are received by the clients in a prescribed format. This format is not supported or saved in the file system, but it can be saved in data base using different name table. This is done in order to protect the personal information of the clients in safe manner without leaking to outside world.

Company is having the right to conduct.KachingFund is having the full right to refuse the transactions or refuse operation of any existing member from his or her account any time if any suspect has been arise due to money laundering or criminal activity. It will also include offence related with money laundering.

The financial partners of the KachingFund knows who are their existing customers and to whom information about the company is provided. Special protocol is established by the financial partner, where the customer’s information’s are processed in details where the customer’s name along with source of money is transmitted along with identification proof.

KachingFund receives any requires for documentation along with contact details and business descriptions. It will take necessary precautions to deal with the act of the client’s offence. Their accounts have the right to reports for crime to authorities that are relevant in nature. In this case company will not enter them into any business arrangements with any group which is suspected of money laundering directly or indirectly. It will results in ending up with illegal activity. It will also include the details about the funds to such areas where it has been sourced.


KachingFund is the company which is engage in the production of Bit coin based products accompanied by the power and internet knowledge in the field of mouth marketing.