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Privacy Policy

The main priority of the KachingFund Company is to protect the privacy of the customers. Company is committed to protect the privacy of the client's personal information which is stored in the electronic facility. The information which is provided to user stored in our facility is not leaked to the outside world. It has valid user name along with password that is unique in nature which is not same as of other clients. In case of duty only few administers are having the right to access to your personal information which are provided by you in purchasing the product or services. When you avail the services, we will inform you about the policy and taken your permission before being collected. They are also having the right to disclose the personal information except where law is not permitted.

Binding effect

KachingFund privacy policy is applicable to all everyone working with KachingFund including customers as you. In this case clients have to swear that they should be at least 18 years of age and agreed to enter into binding contract. When using this website you have to agree to its terms and conditions to its privacy policy along with having modifications if any. If you don't follow the privacy policy then discontinue using KachingFund website.


Use, Collection and Disclosure of Personal Information

When you about to register with KachingFund, you are providing personal information which includes email address which is required to open an account. We only need basic information that is collected by company for business purpose. Company has obtained reliable information about identification part. This is mainly done to protect both of you against errors and fraud by KachingFund. It is also done in order to monitor the traffic towards the website along with understanding the usage of products and services that will meet the needs. It will also provide you with ongoing services. Company is also engaged in responding to customer's inquiries and comments along with maintaining the list at KachingFund where clients and company is bounded with legal requirements.

Clients are having the option to cancel the account any time. Only less information is required by the company to chancel the account of the customers which may be any reason that is required by law. This needs to be done for verification process. Information will be kept by the company up to 3 years after the cancelling of registration. Clients will have to follow basic steps in order to refund or cancel the policy.

KachingFund will not use or disclose the personal information that is collected by you. When you provide personal information to KachingFund, you agreed to the permission of collecting along with using and disclosing suchinformation for any specific purpose.

What are the types of information collected by us?

Important information including name along with address, birth date, occupation and citizenship is collected by the company. In order to verify the authenticity of citizenship, company only requires ID number issued by the government. Company is also engaged in collecting financial information which will cover down credit card or bank account information for the same. It will help in paying the entire commission.

Protect, maintain accurate and access information of you.

KachingFund is committed to safe guard the policy of the personal information through measures which are secured in nature. We make sure that the information collected by you is fully secured, accurate and up-to date. We only access to your personal information at your request. You are having the full right to check the entire information submitted by you. You are having the full right to change and modify after taking the consent from the clients. Client will have to follow the policies and practices regarding the management of personal information if they are having any doubt for the same. An agent of the company has used your personal information as their formalities in professional duties. Clients will have to follow an agreement where they have to ensure that their information can be accessed by the company in case of emergency. Company will monitor the privacy legislation which is applicable in nature.

Sharing and transferring the information

KachingFund will not share information to third party. You are having the full right to oppose for sharing the information by the company to other party for their benefits. Your approval for using the information can be taken back if any legal requirements occur. The subsidiaries who are working on behalf of the KachingFund offer products and services including promotion parts that can be reach to people through phone or direct mail. If you don't want any promotional activity from the company side, you are having the full right to remove your information from marketing database. You are requested to notify by email to KachingFund support cell.

Disclosing the general and anonymous information

Market research is conducted by KachingFund including investigation and other statistical analysis on the information of the customers and other information's related with services for measuring the interest in the website. KachingFund is having right to publish along with share and transfer the results related with sell part. It will include general and anonymous researches and analysis of third party.

Protecting the information

KachingFund is obliged to protect your personal information by making security arrangements against the risks along with loss or disclosure issues. Many security measures are required for day to day operations of the business in order to safe guard the information that tends to be more personal in nature. Technology has been used to process the traffic towards the website. Robust security measures are taken by the company which will include secure socket layers accompanied by the encryption and fire wall to ensure confidentiality in personal information.

  • The standard tool for protecting and maintaining the security over the internet is SSL secure socket layer technology. You must ensure that your connection is secured by closed lock or unbroken key which is located at the bottom on right hand side of browsers task bar.
  • Encryption performs the main role in securing your data into the formal which is unreadable in nature. It will not allow accessing the data easily.
  • The features of time-log outs are designed to automatically terminate the session in case you have forgotten to log out from computer during online sessions.


Personal information which can be accessed is protected from the password. You are requested to keep the password confidential in case of unauthorized access. You are only liable to place the orders with electronic data that is provided to KachingFund.

It is important for the clients that they should never disclose their current passwords or answers to online personal. No kaching employee or agent will never ask verbally or email for information.

If in any case you are not able to access your account then in that case you may ask for help. We will work in the best manner by taking the help from security world to solve your problems.

Links to third party website

The website content of the company is having links which may be linked to the third party websites. The privacy policy is only applied to KachingFund along with other company associated with it. It is not applicable to third party websites in case you are accessing to your websites. Company is not responsible for the practices that are privacy in nature. It is the responsibility ofthe clients that they should be aware of the frauds which should comply with privacy policies.


KachingFund will not monitor or disclose private communications until or unless

  • If it is required to do by law
  • Grant the permission
  • Action is necessary' which is comply with the law along with any legal process that is served in Kanching


They are the code of the computer that lets the web serves in identification of the visitors to the websites. You will start the session on KachingFund, where the server uses cookies in order to identify you as account holderalong with providing those privileges to appropriate access. Cookies will not store any kind of personal information which is provided in the site, they only perform the main role of identifiers. It collects information like as your browser do. Most of the browsers accept cookies but you are having the right to refuse them. By refusing you will not able to see the features of the site along with some of the WebPages content in best manner.

Effective date

Privacy policy is having an effective date which needs to be started in the month of March 2013. KachingFund is having the right to change the privacy policy any time by notifying you before in advance. It can be effective after the notification is issued to the clients. If you use after the modification of the website will cover down

  • Acknowledgement of privacy policy which has been modified
  • Agreement to abide and bound to have modified privacy policy.


The provision of the policy is held invalid or illegal, and then the valid legality is not getting affected or impaired thereby. It should be considered valid according to the laws and privacy policies of the company.

Contact KachingFund

If clients are having any questions regarding privacy policy of KachingFund, then they should put direct enquiry to KachingFund by writing to support cell. They will perform the work in better way by investigating properly along with resolving the complaints along with disputes related to the disclosure of personal information about the consumers. It should be according to the privacy policy which is applicable by laws.

This is in the form of living documents that means in case of any circumstances, the documents will be updated. When it is completed the latest version is easily updated on website along with the date that can be updated accordingly.


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