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Our website has an N number of different web pages that are operated by our company KachingFund only. Also the affiliated companies operate the same. We have made various tools and applications for you to download. You are only offered these under a particular condition, and that is to abide by the terms and conditions of the website. You are only to use the website if you absolutely agree to make use of the terms and conditions in a proper way.

Modification :

Our terms of uses can change at any point of time without a prior notice. It is your responsibility to keep up with the reviewing of these terms.


Personal and non-commercial use :

Any content on this particular website is for your personal use and absolutely should be different from any commercial use unless and until it is specified to you. You are not allowed to modify or copy or distribute or retransmit or license or create any form of derivative works or reproduce or maybe sell any of the software or information or maybe the products and services that this particular website already offers people with. You are not allowed to use any of the automatic mechanism, spider or robot, or any of the web scraper in order to get through with any of the information or download as well as extract the same. Neither is you allowed to exchange any form of data or that of the currency from this particular website.

Third parties :

In case you are dealing with any third parties, that includes the advertisers that are available within the website when it is at your own sole responsibility. This includes any type of exchange, that may be monetary or that of goods and services and may also include the necessary terms of conditions as well as guarantees, but this will have nothing to do with this website at all. It's your own responsibility to check with the terms and services as well as privacy conditions at those websites only.

Links :

There are various links of different third parties, who wants to promote their products on this website. Just because there is a particular link available on the website, it doesn't mean that it endorses a sponsor any of the third party websites. Neither do we, support any of the products.

Unlawful or prohibited use :

One of the most necessary terms of use of this website is that none of the tools or any other material from the website will be used for any unlawful purposes. None of the materials of the websites are to be distributed at all. Even if the local law speaks otherwise none of the materials are to be made use of. Your attempt to gain access to unauthorized or unacceptable sources will be absolutely taken in a negative stride. Hacking or password mining is absolutely not allowed.

Use of communication services :

The website may have its own tools that will allow you to be a part of chat groups or the online forums or maybe any other means of communication facilities. You will have to agree to use these communication services only to establish a proper communication that is send as well as receive messages and materials that are only deemed as proper.

Anything that maybe degrading or obscene or maybe inappropriate or indecent or maybe discriminatory or may be defamatory by nature will be completely prohibited. This can be anything that maybe a message or maybe a topic or maybe any material. It can also be any good or services that you may want to buy or sell.

The website will definitely not be obligated to monitor the services of communication available. But then it has full rights of reviewing any of the materials that I posted in these services. In case anything is found to be harassingis not abiding by the terms then it can be removed completely by the website.

Materials provided to the website :

The website absolutely reference from claiming ownership or responsibility of any of the materials that you may provide to the website. This will include any of the posts or maybe the suggestions or even the feedbacks.

But in case your contribute into any of these, when you are at submission to the website and its agents and others will offer them enough permission to have the right to copy or may be transferred as well as distribute, also reproduce as well as edit or translate as well as reformat the submission that you have made in the name that you have used to submit.

You will have to guarantee that anything you submit or upload on the website, must be yours alone and you will have no redistribution rights of the same. You will have no rights of commercially exploiting any of the materials on this website without specification.

No investment advice :

The website has no investment objective at all, neither does it have any specific recipient of the financial situation. It absolutely reference from endorsing or maybe recommending any particular products or that of the securities or even currencies.

Anything particular posted on this website can only be taken as informational and not endorsement of any particular product or services. In case you are planning to make an investment you must take professional help. Nothing on this particular website will be available for making any form of financial decisions for you.

Products and tools :

The website does not offer any form of assurances when it comes to usage of any of the tools. Of course the tools are absolutely copyrighted works of the website and that of the suppliers. These are legally protected and a copyright materials. If there is any form of user agreement attached to a particular tool then you have to abide by the terms and conditions of such license agreement.

In case there is no license agreement attached to a tool then you have absolute personal as well as completely non-transferable license to it. And this must not be used for any other purposes. These are not to be reproduced or maybe redistributed in any form. These tools must not be read distributed to any other country or any other territory that may be direct or indirect. Uses of tools in anything unlawful will be absolute violation to the terms and conditions.

Liability disclaimer :

Any tools provided by the website or any content or any software provided by the website are to be taken just as they are. The website takes no guarantee of any kind regarding the

a. Accuracy or that of the updating or maybe completeness of any particular kind of information that may be available in the website or any form of tools but are not limited to any form of currency exchange rates.

b. The results that are to be expected from the tools or the website.

c. Any third party information or any third party sites that may be made accessible through the uses of these tools and the website except when it is requirement by the applicable law.

The website

a. Refrain from taking any responsibility to any merchantability that may be held for any particular purpose at all.

b. Cannot guarantee that any of the part of the website or any of the tools used will not have any errors or defects. Neither does it guarantee the correction of the defects.

You will have to take full responsibility of the utilization of the website and that to completely at your own risk. Any form of loss or risk of the same while using the tools as well as the website must be taken up as your own responsibility. None of the websites employees or the distributors or the officers are the suppliers or the directors or maybe the vendors or even the agents will be not held responsible to any third party or to you for:

a. Any form of loss or any form of damage that you may have suffered or are about to suffer. Even that maybe because of the information of the prices that are available to the tools of the website.

b. Any wrong investment decisions considering the third parties, and any loss suffered because of the loss of money depending on the information available on the website or the tools.

c. Any and every form of loss or damages that you may suffer,

d. Any other form of liability damages.

The website and its directors or employees or officers should be held out of responsibility when it comes to any claim or damage that may have happened because of the third party usage available on the website and the tools.

Intellectual property :

The website and any of its tools are absolutely copyright products and are totally protected by the same as well as the international treaty provisions. None of these may be copied or reforms in any other way or manner. Not trademark not even the logo and neither of the graphics or that of the texts or even that of the images must be used in any form at all. Until and unless a prior written permission is taken.

You will agree that none of the uses of the website will be taken or deemed as any form of partnership or employment or that of the venture or any agency relationship between the website and that of you. In any case if any part of terms and conditions do not seem to suit the law, then vs will be absolutely supervised and taken care of but the remainder of the terms of use must be taken seriously.